Full Spectrum: Effective solutions for you business and communication needs

We make you look good.


Full Spectrum develops effective marketing, shareholder and related business communications-from an entire marketing campaign to a one-off communication or publication for a discrete need. We're small, nimble and responsive, appropriating resources as needed to deliver quality end-products that respond to identified needs. We bend over backwards to meet your expectations. And we keep you up to date every step of the way. We're also proactive: We anticipate potential roadblocks and propose solutions-at the outset or as work progresses-to minimize delays and maximize value. We use words and design to effectively and consistently convey general and specific messages to various audiences, and-where applicable-to encourage desired actions or response. Where needed, we make complex issues clear. Full Spectrum is owned and run by Leslie de Boer, a marketing communications professional for more than 20 years. We revel in the challenge and satisfaction of  a project well executed, always striving to exceed expectations.